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Frequently Asked Questions about Building a Custom Home

What makes Golden Star Properties different?

I want to build a custom home in Tucson, where do I start?

How long will the building process take?

Who can I go to for advice in home design?

Can you build a "green" home?

How do the price per square foot packages work? Do I have to use them?

What does your price per square foot not include?

What makes us different?
Value. There are many custom home builders in the Tucson area. However, no custom builder in Tucson offers the unique combination of service, expertise, stability and value that we offer at Golden Star Properties. When our clients first walk into our office, they are amazed at the quality and luxury that typifies our homes. However, they are usually most impressed with the value we offer. Our established company also provides the stability to build your dream home with confidence. There are many factors that set us apart from other custom home builders in Tucson including:

  • Family Values: As a family owned and operated business you experience unrivaled personalized service.

  • Specialization: Unlike many builders in Tucson who specialize in remodels and semi-custom construction, we only build custom homes, specializing in unique, high-quality construction.

  • Integration: We offer a unique combination of land and design solutions to streamline the construction process. Our in-house design team can draw your plans if you do not have blueprints. For clients without land, we have the resources to help you find the perfect parcel, through our sister Tucson land company Corshelle Realty.

  • Stability: As other builders come and go, Golden Star Properties remains strong and stable, allowing our clients to build with confidence. Since 1979, our patient and honest approach to business has been a key to our success.

  • Flexibility: Our clients are not limited to preset designs or building methods. We have the experience and competence to build your custom home to your exact specifications. While we offer 'per-square-foot' pricing packages, we work with our clients to build with your preferred material and amenities.

  • Experience: From the planning phase to the final inspection, our experience shines through. After building in Southern Arizona for three generations we understand how to navigate the unique challenges each project presents. The breadth of our experience allows us to build confidently on difficult lots, with challenging designs, and unique building materials.

  • Quality: Unlike many builders who try and save money using inferior material and labor, we believe that quality pays for itself. Our painstaking attention to detail during each phase of construction is evident in the finished product for years to come. As a family company, we take the quality of our homes personally. Your home is our legacy.

  • Service: Communication is the key to our outstanding service. From the moment our clients meet us, they know they can expect an honest and straightforward building experience. We are here to address your questions and concerns every step of the way. Even after the construction process is complete, we stand behind our work with an extensive home warranty that will give you peace of mind for years to come.

Where do I start?

Building the home of your dreams starts with finding the perfect parcel of land. If you already have land, the next step is to have your lot evaluated for design and 'buildability'. We will walk your lot with you at no charge and advise you on the building issues associated with your land. If you do not already own land, the professionals at our affiliate company Corshelle Land Realty can help you find the perfect parcel.

Once you have your land, the next step is to design your custom home. We offer an in-house design service for drawing house plans, and we maintain close relationships with Tucson's best architects. Our competitively priced design service combines our building experience with artful design solutions to offer our clients a truly outstanding value.

If you already own land and houseplans, we can meet you at our showroom or your lot to discuss the pricing and construction process of your home.

How long will the building process take?

Every home we build is unique. We use a streamlined project management system to facilitate a smooth construction process and remain in contact with our clients every step of the way. Our average build time is approximately 10 months from breaking ground to the completion of the home. However, each project has a different build time based on the complexity and size of the project.

Who can I go to for advice in home design?

Our in house design team, Axiom Design, can help you design your dream home and stay on budget through a streamlined design process that includes elements to help you design a home that will be both beautiful and cost effective to build. You can learn more about our partner design group at www.tucsondrafting.com We also maintain professional relationships with Tucson's best architects and interior designers.

Can you build a "green" home?

Our homes are built to be extremely energy efficient. We implement a variety of 'green' elements in our standard construction prices such as superior windows, doors, superior heating and cooling systems, insulation, radiant barrier, sealing, and much more.

We can build your home using any green elements you choose. If you wish to build a home conforming to an established program such as LEED, we can advise and build your home accordingly. From gray water systems to solar energy, we offer a variety of energy efficient and environmentally responsible building solutions to suit your needs.

How do the the price per square foot packages work? Do I have to use them?

Our price per square foot packages were developed to simplify the pricing process and offer our clients an up-front and clear idea of what their custom home will cost. The packages are based on living space of your future home and outline the amenities included for each package. Our custom home packages include thousands of selections of architectural amenities and elements, offering our clients incredible flexibility and value. The value we offer must be experienced to be truly understood. We invite you to visit our showroom to see and feel the quality and variety that is built into your new home.

Our pricing packages are more than a superior value, they are completely customizable. Any element or amenity can be built into your home.

Do not feel limited by our price per square foot system. Although our packages offer a superior value and incredible variety to our clients, we can work with you in developing an alternative method to price your future home.

Items not Included in the Price Per Square Foot Package

Golden Star Properties has a reputation for integrity and honesty in building. After meeting you at your lot and reviewing your home design, we can give you a fairly accurate price on the entire cost of your home.

Our price per square foot packages give a detailed overview of the amenities included in your new home, and the base price of your new home. Listed below are items not included in the price per square foot packages.

We have a talented staff of real estate agents who can help you to find the perfect land for you and your home anywhere in Southern Arizona.

Our partner company Axiom would be happy to draft your Golden Star Home for $0.95 per square foot of living space, garage, and patios. You may either use our existing prints as a model for your home, or come up with your unique design at no extra charge.

Some rather difficult land parcels require extra engineering in order to build. Our land expert and team of engineers can help you get your land ready for building. Changes vary according to terrain.

The city or county in which you build will require the purchase of several permits in order to build. Because these charges vary according to location and the home itself, we cannot include it exactly in the overall price.

We include 70 feet of utility lines, which is sufficient for most subdivision lots. However, depending on the size and type of the lot, utilities may need to be brought a great distance.

Your lot may require a septic instead of sewer connection. The septic system is designed case by case in order to best serve the needs of each home and terrain, and thus a definite price cannot be included in the overall price.


We will of course include final grading to meet city or county codes, and will reseed any areas that were damaged by construction. We also offer custom design landscaping services as an upgrade.

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